Best Gorilla Slots

Have you ever wanted to go on a thrilling expedition into the heart of the African wilderness? With our Gorilla-themed slots at McLuck, you can channel your inner explorer and encounter these majestic animals up close. 

Come with us on a wild adventure as we explore lush jungles and forge a bond with these great silverbacks while you rake in more gold coins with every spin.

Mighty Gorilla

Feel the earth tremble beneath your feet as you head into the wild with the Mighty Gorilla slot! This 6×4 slot adventure from Booming Games plunges you into the jungle with high-volatility thrills and 30 winlines. Set against a stunning waterfall backdrop, watch out for the Mighty Gorilla who might swing into action with random wilds at any moment.

You can win up to 20 free spins and wild avalanches as you hunt for the big prize. So lace up your boots and take a hike up the mountains to experience the raw beauty of nature for yourself.

Gorilla Mayhem

Get ready to rumble in the jungle with Gorilla Mayhem from Pragmatic Play. As you spin the reels, take in the scenes of a lush jungle teeming with swinging vines, wild critters, and the kings of the canopy—the mighty gorillas! With its towering tropical trees and sun-dappled foliage in the background, Gorilla Mayhem has a robust grid of five reels and four rows, and a chance to win up to 20 free spins and a grand prize worth 5,000x your spin.

So, grab a vine and swing into action with Gorilla Mayhem as you embrace the primal excitement of the gorilla kingdom.

Congo Cash

The lush depths of the jungle await with the Congo Cash slot from Pragmatic Play. This high-volatility thrill ride with 432 ways to win and a 96.51% RTP puts you face-to-face with the kings of the jungle.

Watch out for glittering jewels and elusive Congo Cash symbols scattered among the reels as gorillas pound their chests in victory, potentially leading you to rewards as massive as their formidable strength. If you dare to challenge the alpha gorillas, you could swing away with a mighty 2,200x max win!

Jungle Fever Beckons

As you step into these dense green forests, feel the earth tremble beneath the weight of the mighty gorillas as they traverse their natural habitat. With every rustle of the leaves and each distant call, you’ll connect with these magnificent creatures in their world and experience the sheer power of nature.

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