Best Animal Slots

Best Online Animal Slots to Play

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best animal slots, where the wild kingdom meets the thrill of the casino. 

Animal-themed slots, or animal slots, offer players a unique blend of entertainment, adventure, and the chance to win big. Whether you’re a fan of majestic creatures, cute critters, or the untamed wilderness, there’s an animal slot game waiting for you. 

Explore our top picks for animal slots free to play, and find your next favorite slot animal adventure today!

Top 10 Animal-Themed Slots to Play

From the majestic mountains to the depths of the ocean, these games offer nothing but fun and the chance to win big amidst the wonders of the animal kingdom.

1. Timber Stacks by Pragmatic Play 

Best Animal Slot with 100,000 Win Ways

Step into the heart of the wilderness with Timber Stacks, where majestic American animals roam the reels. Featuring wolves, cougars, fish, and barn owls across 5 reels and 5 rows, this slot not only captivates with its stunning visuals but offers a massive 100,000 ways to win, promising an adventure as grand as the great outdoors itself.

Play Timber Stacks Slot
Game Information
Grid5 Reels, 5 Rows and 100,000 Winlines
VolatilityVery High
Max Win10,000x

2. Buffalo King by Pragmatic Play 

Best Animal Slot with a Max Win Up to 93,750x Your Spin

Take on a journey to the plains where the buffalo reigns supreme. Alongside eagles, wolves, mountain lions, and reindeer, Buffalo King offers 4,096 win ways and the chance to bag prizes up to 93,750x your spin. With free spins and wild multipliers in play, the wilderness has never been more rewarding.

Play Buffalo King Slot
Game Information
Grid6 Reels, 5 Rows and 4,096 Ways to Win
VolatilityVery High
Max Win93,750x

3. Buster’s Bones by NetEnt 

Best for Bonus Features

Join Buster and his canine pals in a tail-wagging adventure filled with surprises. This animal slot game is a dog lover’s dream, featuring three adorable dogs, including Buster, across its reels. Players can dig up increasing multipliers, random features, free spins, and avalanches, making every spin an exciting fetch for wins.

Play Buster’s Bones Slot
Game Information
Grid6 Reels, 6 Rows and Cluster Wins
Max Win

4. Fortune Llama by Fantasma Games 

Best Animal Slot with Progressive Features and Low Volatility

In this game, there’s an animal party where the llama leads the revelry, accompanied by gorillas, flamingos, pigs, and zebras. Fortune Llama’s standout feature is the Fortune Meter, which fills up for progressive free spins multipliers. This vibrant slot not only promises a max win of 5,000x but a festivity of features that celebrate the animal kingdom in style.

Play Fortune Llama Slot
Game Information
Grid6 Reels, 4 Rows (3+ Symbols Match) 
Max Win5,000x

5. Sticky Bees by Pragmatic Play 

Best for Number of Reels & Rows and Super Wilds

Enter a world buzzing with potential in Sticky Bees, where bees aren’t just super wilds but heroes of the hive. Amidst a jungle of fruit symbols, bees fly across 7 reels and 7 rows, transforming symbols into wilds and potentially leading to wins of up to 10,000x. Additionally, this game’s unique mechanics and high volatility make it a thrilling addition to any slot lover’s playlist.

Play Sticky Bees Slot
Game Information
Grid7 Reels, 7 Rows and 20 Winlines 
VolatilityVery High
Max Win10,000x

6. Congo Cash by Pragmatic Play 

Best Animal Slot with Symbol Collection and Random Coin Awards

Congo Cash showcases the depths of the African jungle, where frogs, leopards, mandrills, galagos, and gorillas await. This animal slot machine offers a unique twist with its symbol collection mechanism, allowing players to unlock coins, jackpots, or free spins as they collect jewels, bringing the richness of the Congo’s wildlife directly to your screen.

Play Congo Cash Slot
Game Information
Grid5 Reels, 4 Rows and 432 Ways to Win 
Max Win2,200x

7. Wolf Saga: Hold and Win by 3 Oaks 

Best Animal Slot with Boost Features

A tale of majesty and mystery is brought to life with Wolf Saga, set against the backdrop of snowy mountains under the night sky. This slot weaves the wolf and other majestic animals into its narrative, offering players a chance to unlock bonus games, boost features, a 1,000x grand jackpot, and free spins with giant symbols for a howling good time.

Play Wolf Saga: Hold and Win Slot
Game Information
Grid5 Reels, 3 Rows and 25 Winlines 
Max Win1,000x (Grand Jackpot)

8. Panda’s Fortune 2 by Pragmatic Play 

Best Animal Slot with Very High Volatility

Panda’s Fortune 2 delivers a serene gaming experience with its Asian-themed backdrop and glittering animal symbols including lions, butterflies, and fish. With very high volatility, this slot offers the excitement of chasing lines with golden symbols for random awards, culminating in a grand jackpot and a max win of 5,000x.

Play Panda’s Fortune 2 Slot
Game Information
Grid 5 Reels, 3 Rows and 25 Winlines
VolatilityVery High
Max Win5,000x

Don’t forget to give the prequel Panda’s Fortune a spin!

9. The Dog House Megaways by Pragmatic Play 

Best Animal-Themed Slot With Sticky and Raining Wilds

The beloved dogs return in The Dog House Megaways, featuring a variety of breeds such as rottweilers, Yorkshire terriers, pugs, and sausage dogs. With the dynamic Megaways mechanic, this animal slot offers sticky and raining wilds during free spins, elevating the fun and potential wins to new heights, with up to a 12,000x max prize.

Play The Dog House Megaways Slot
Game Information
Grid6 Reels and 117 649 Megaways
VolatilityVery High
Max Win12,305x

10. The Ultimate 5 by Pragmatic Play 

Best Animal Slot with Hold and Win Feature and Jackpots

The Ultimate 5 takes players on a safari adventure with stunning visuals and the chance to win one of five jackpots. The Hold and Win feature, along with the upgrading symbol awards, offers a dynamic gameplay experience filled with anticipation and excitement. Removing royals progressively during free spins adds an innovative twist, ensuring that each playthrough feels fresh and engaging.

Play The Ultimate 5 Slot
Game Information
Grid5 Reels, 3 Rows and 20 Winlines
VolatilityVery High
Max Win5,000x

Best Animal Slots by Type


Bird-themed slots like Eagle Power: Hold and Win by Playson soar in popularity due to their majestic visuals and the freedom they symbolize. These games often feature stunning landscapes and the thrill of the flight, making them a hit among players looking for an escape into the natural world.


Buffalo-themed slots tap into the untamed spirit of the great plains. In addition to Buffalo King by Pragmatic Play being a standout, there are also games like Buffalo Power Hold and Win by Playson that further explore this theme, offering players a taste of the wild with powerful gameplay and robust features.


The internet’s love affair with cats extends into slots, with titles like Wicked Kitty by Fantasma Games and Cleocatra blending the allure of these mysterious creatures with gameplay elements. Although some, like Cleocatra, lean into Egyptian themes, the feline influence remains a central draw.


Celebrating the joy dogs bring into our lives, The Dog House series by Pragmatic Play and Dog Heist Shift ‘N’ Win by Booming Games are standout examples of dog-themed slots. These games are beloved for their depiction of various dog breeds and the heartwarming, fun-filled adventures they offer, making them top picks for dog lovers and slot enthusiasts alike.


Though veering into fantasy, dragon slots like Floating Dragon Hold & Spin and 888 Dragons all by Pragmatic Play offer a mythical adventure. The popularity of dragons in folklore and their majestic portrayal in slots make them a fiery favorite among players.

Fish & Underwater

The underwater world, with its mystery and beauty, is explored in slots like Fishin Reels by Pragmatic Play, Shark Frenzy by SlotMill, and the Big Bass Bonanza series by Pragmatic Play. These games rank highly among aquatic-themed slots, offering serene visuals and the excitement of underwater treasure hunts, making every dive into the deep a memorable adventure.


Frog-themed slots like Wild Hop & Drop and the Elvis-themed frog slots offer a quirky twist on the genre. Their lighthearted nature and unique characters provide a hopping good time for those looking to leap into something different.

Gorilla & Monkeys

With games like Mighty Gorilla by Booming Games and Monkey Madness by Pragmatic Play, the strength and playfulness of primates are brought to the forefront. These slots are popular for their dynamic gameplay and the adventurous spirit they embody.


The grace and majesty of horses gallop through Happy Hooves by Pragmatic Play, a standout in this theme. Horse-themed slots appeal to those who appreciate the nobility of these animals and the excitement of the race.


The often overlooked world of insects is magnified in Jade Butterfly by Pragmatic Play and Beelionaires by Relax Gaming, offering a unique perspective on the beauty and intricacy of bugs. These games are praised for their originality and the detailed world-building that brings the tiny kingdom of insects to life.


Lion-themed slots roar with excitement, with titles like Lion Gems: Hold and Win by Playson and the 5 Lions slot series by Pragmatic Play. These games celebrate the king of the jungle with majestic graphics and powerful features.


Prehistoric adventures await in Mammoth Peak by Playson and Mammoth Gold Megaways by Pragmatic Play, where the might and majesty of mammoths take center stage. These slots appeal to players interested in history and the thrill of the ice age.


Panda-themed slots, including Great Panda by 3 Oaks and Triple Panda by Spade Gaming, offer a serene and joyful gaming experience. The beloved nature of pandas makes these slots a hit among players looking for cute and calming gameplay.


With Payday Pig by Booming Games and 7 Piggies by Pragmatic Play, the playful side of farm life is explored. Pigs are portrayed with humor and charm, appealing to those looking for a light-hearted slot experience.


The Great Rhino series by Pragmatic Play charges ahead with its depiction of the rugged beauty of rhinos. These slots are known for their dynamic gameplay and the powerful presence of one of Africa’s most formidable animals.


Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes by Pragmatic Play introduces a slithering twist to the classic board game. Snake-themed slots intrigue with their blend of danger and allure, offering a unique angle on slot gaming.


Tiger-themed slots whisk players away on an exotic journey, capturing the fierce beauty and grace of these majestic creatures. Tiger Jungle and Tiger Gems: Hold and Win both by 3 Oaks are standout examples, offering immersive gameplay that embodies the spirit of the tiger.


Wolf-themed slots captivate players with their mysterious and wild nature, drawing upon the primal allure and spiritual significance wolves hold across various cultures. These games, including notable titles like Wolf Gold and Curse of the Werewolf Megaways by Pragmatic Play.

Other Animal Theme Slots by Category

Explore other animal-themed slot games by setting:

Jungle, Savannah & Prairie

Slots set in jungles, savannahs, and prairies, such as the renowned Jungle Spirit by NetEnt, African Elephant and Gems of Serengeti by Pragmatic Play, capture the untamed spirit of the world’s most remote wildernesses. 

These games are popular for their immersive experiences, offering players adventures among exotic animals and breathtaking landscapes.


Farm-themed slots, including Lucky Farm Bonanza by BGaming and Little Farm by 3 Oaks, bring the pastoral charm of rural life to the gaming world. They resonate with players through their depiction of serene farm life, complete with adorable animals and the rewards of harvest, making them a comforting escape into simplicity and bounty.

Best Animal-Themed Slots – Little Farm Slot


Legendary Beasts by Habanero taps into the fascination with mythical creatures and the lore surrounding them, offering a thrilling journey into a world where legends come to life. The appeal of these slots lies in their combination of fantasy storytelling and the chance to embark on quests filled with danger and treasure, appealing to players’ sense of adventure and the unknown.

Wrapping Up: The Best Wildlife Slots

And there you have it – our list of the best animal slot games. From the heart of the jungle to the tranquility of the farmyard, these slots capture the essence of nature’s beauty and the allure of the wild. Whether seeking adrenaline-pumping action or serene spins, players can find the perfect escape within the diverse selection of wildlife slots. So, why wait? Play and take out your inner adventurer!

Other Exciting Slot Themes:

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