Live vs Digital Sic Bo Games

Casino chips falling onto a table.

Sic Bo is one of the oldest casino games still being played today. Over thousands of years, the game evolved before spreading from its home in Macau. Then we invented the internet, which changed how we play a lot of casino games in the modern day. Through online casinos and social casinos like, players can get convenient access to their favorite games from home.

For Sic Bo and other table games, its online versions come in two varieties. The first is a live dealer game. This is where a live stream is set up and a real human being manages the game in front of the camera, allowing viewers to play along despite not being there. The second is a fully digital approach where everything from the table, the cards, and sometimes the dealer are graphics on your screen. During digital casino games, rigorous standards and RNG software are implemented to ensure the game is fair.

Both have their differences, which is what today’s blog post is all about!

It’s Still Sic Bo

The first thing you should know about online Sic Bo, both live dealer and digital versions, is that the base game is fundamentally the same. The main differences come with their presentation, and how players engage with the action.

Every player who checks into a live dealer or RNG Sic Bo game is there to play the same casino classic. The rule set in each of them is consistent with modern Sic Bo you can play in American, British, or Chinese casinos today. At most, there are slight paytable differences between tables in America and China, as well as online.

How Live Dealer Sic Bo Works

The table experience of Sic Bo makes it well-suited for online play with a live dealer. Like roulette, it’s fast-paced and players don’t need any other interaction with the table to play, they just need to watch how the dice fall.

When playing at a live dealer table, you’ll be presented with your possible options. Unlike sitting at a real table, you’ll see the different choices and their potential payouts displayed on-screen. After a round of play, the live dealer will call an end to the wagers and shake the dice. Like with the standard game, the dice determine who wins and who loses, while restarting the game for the next round.

Most providers will offer fixed payouts that roughly correspond to Sic Bo’s playing options. If you’re playing standard or traditional Sic Bo online with a dealer, that’s what you’re going to get. Other providers offer what is called Super Sic Bo, where random multipliers are added at the start of the round. This is a new variant of Sic Bo intended for those who want to make their games more varied between dice rolls.


  • Authentic table experience with an entertaining live host.
  • Use of visible dice and shaker over RNG software.


  • Tends to have higher minimum wagers.
  • The game doesn’t wait for you.

How Does RNG Sic Bo Work

Playing digital Sic Bo works slightly differently from the live dealer version. With these games, you’ll load up a window that runs special game-playing software. It’ll give you a digital rendition of the Sic Bo table and the selections you can make, and its level of detail and fidelity to the real thing can vary depending on who designed the experience.

Playing is no different, however, so to play you make your prediction and click a random number generator (RNG). Whenever we need a random output from a computer, we rely on RNG to gr job done. RNGs use a highly complex algorithm that is completely unpredictable by humans. Entertainment using RNGs, like online casino games, is also rigorously tested for fairness. This allows any computer to simulate the random action of a casino table.

Playing digital Sic Bo, you’ll miss out on the more social elements of live dealer interaction. That said, many players just want to play without the whole casino experience. Playing digitally also means you control the game, so you won’t miss out on a round of playing if you need to step away from your device.


  • Available 24/7 and played at your convenience.
  • Tend to have lower minimum wagers.


  • Less sociable than live dealer games.
  • Graphics can vary, but don’t live up to the real thing.

It’s Down to Your Preference

As you may have noticed, the main differences between live dealer Sic Bo and digital Sic Bo come down to preference. If you want the full casino experience without stepping foot in a casino, then live dealer Sic Bo is for you. If you’d prefer a no-frills experience that you can play at your own pace, then you’d get more enjoyment out of the digital version instead.

If you’re unsure which one you’d prefer, you should try them out and see for yourself. At, you can find live dealer Sic Bo as part of our ever-growing games catalog. Once you’ve tried both types of Sic Bo, you can choose to stick with the one you enjoyed the most.



Ross O’Connor has been working in the online gaming industry for over a decade. Over that time he has written countless articles on related topics including casino and game reviews, sports, lotteries and financial trading.