What Are Fixed Jackpot Slots?

Fixed jackpot slots are a staple in online casinos, offering a consistent and predictable jackpot amount. This blog will cover what fixed jackpot slots are, how they work, the different types available, and popular games you can play at McLuck. We’ll also explore whether fixed or progressive jackpot slots are better for you.

Fixed Jackpot Slots Explained

Fixed jackpot slots are slot machines where the jackpot amount is fixed and does not change, regardless of the number of players or the amount of money wagered. Unlike progressive jackpots that grow over time, fixed jackpots offer a set prize amount that can be won at any time.

How Do Non-Progressive Jackpots Work?

Non-progressive jackpots, also known as fixed jackpots, operate on a straightforward principle. Each game has a predefined jackpot amount that remains constant. Players win the fixed jackpot by landing a specific combination of slot machine symbols on the reels. The predictability of the prize makes these slots appealing to many players.

Types of Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots come in various forms. Here are the main types:

  • Single-Level Fixed Jackpots: These are the simplest type, offering one fixed prize amount.
  • Multi-Level Fixed Jackpots: These slots feature multiple fixed jackpots, often categorized as mini, minor, major, and mega, each with a different prize amount.

Slots With Fixed Jackpots

McLuck offers a variety of exciting slots with fixed jackpots. Here are some top choices:

Wolf Gold

Take on the untamed wilderness with Wolf Gold by Pragmatic Play, where the howls of wolves and the glint of moonlit coins promise thrilling adventures and massive rewards.

The jackpot feature starts with the coin respins, which is triggered when 6 or more coin symbols appear on the reels. Each coin symbol takes a random value, potentially including mini or major jackpot values. 

The feature starts with 3 respins, during which only coin symbols and empty spaces are present. New coin symbols reset the respins to 3, and all coin symbols remain in place until the feature ends. The feature continues until no more respins are available or all positions are filled.

At the end, the values of all coin symbols are totaled for the prize, and filling all 15 positions awards the Mega jackpot.

Mustang Gold

In Mustang Gold, also by Pragmatic Play, the Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game offers players the chance to win one of four fixed jackpots: Grand (1,000x your spin), Major (200x your spin), Minor (100x your spin), and Mini (50x your spin). 

During the bonus game, players pick horseshoes to reveal jackpot symbols. Matching three of the same symbols awards the corresponding jackpot, making every spin an exciting opportunity for significant rewards.

Sky Pearls

Sky Pearls by 3 Oaks features an enticing jackpot system with Major, Minor, and Mini bonus symbols that can randomly appear during the bonus game, each awarding their respective jackpots. 

In the Jackpot Reveal Bonus Game, players aim to collect 16 bonus symbols to trigger the Grand Jackpot. Matching three Major, Minor, or Mini symbols awards the corresponding jackpots, providing numerous opportunities for significant wins. Collect all 16 symbols to unlock the ultimate Grand Jackpot prize, making every spin an exciting journey towards massive rewards.

Should You Play Progressive or Fixed Jackpot Slots?

Choosing between progressive and fixed jackpot slots depends on your gaming preferences. Fixed jackpot slots provide a stable and predictable prize, while progressive jackpots offer the allure of a constantly growing prize pool. 

If you prefer steady wins and less volatility, fixed jackpot slots are the way to go. However, if you’re chasing life-changing amounts, progressive jackpots might be more appealing.

Benefits of Playing Fixed Jackpot Slots

One of the main benefits of playing fixed jackpot slots is the certainty of the prize. Players know exactly how much they can win, which can be motivating and exciting. 

Additionally, fixed jackpots often have higher odds of winning compared to progressive jackpots, providing a more balanced and fair gaming experience.

Play All Types of Jackpot Slots at McLuck!

Fixed jackpot slots offer an exciting and predictable gaming experience with the potential for significant rewards. By understanding how these slot machines work and following some simple tips, you can enhance your chances of hitting the jackpot.

McLuck.com offers a wide range of both fixed and progressive jackpot slots to suit every player’s preference. Whether you’re a fan of stable, predictable jackpots or prefer the thrill of chasing a growing prize, McLuck has it all. Sign up today and start spinning to win!



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