Multiplier Symbols

Multipliers in slot machines are symbols that make your winnings bigger when they show up in a winning combination. They make slot games more exciting because they can increase your prizes.

Let’s take a closer look at how multipliers work in slots and what kinds of multipliers you might find while playing!

What is a Multiplier Symbol in Slots?

A multiplier symbol in slots multiplies your win by a specified factor when it appears in a winning combination. For example, if you have a winning combination that awards 100 coins, and a 2x multiplier symbol is part of that combination or added, your actual prize would be 200 coins (100 coins x 2).

In some slot games, it’s possible to have multiple multiplier symbols appear in a single winning combination. When this happens, the multiplier values are often multiplied together. For example, if you have a 2x multiplier and a 3x multiplier in the same winning combination, your total multiplier would be 2 x 3 = 6x.

Types of Multipliers in Slot Machines

Slot machines offer different types of multiplier symbols, such as the ones we discuss below!

Base game multipliers increase your winnings during regular gameplay, also known as the base game. When certain symbols with multiplier values appear on the reels and contribute to a winning combination, they increase the prize you win for that spin.

Regular or Base Game Multipliers

Base game multipliers are a way to make regular spins more exciting by offering the potential for larger prizes without needing to trigger bonus rounds or special features.

Games with this specific wild include Goddess of Egypt, Aztec Gems, as well as Peak Power with multipliers up to 1,000x!

Goddess of Egypt slot base game multiplier symbols.
Base game multipliers in Goddess of Egypt.

Wild Multipliers

Wild multipliers are a special type of symbol in slot machines that not only act as substitutes for other symbols (like regular wild symbols) but also multiply your winnings when they are part of a winning combination.

For instance, if you have two matching symbols on a winline and a wild symbol with a 2x multiplier appears alongside them, the wild will count as a third matching symbol and still double your prize for that winning combination.

You can find this type of wild in games like More Magic Apple, Zeus vs Hades: Gods of War and Fire Stampede.

Fire Stampede slot game Wild Symbol.
Wild Symbol in Fire Stampede

Free Spins Multipliers

In many slot games, you can unlock free spins by landing specific symbols on the reels, typically scatter symbols. During these free spin rounds, some games include a multiplier feature. This means that any winnings you accumulate during the free spins are multiplied by a specific factor.

For example, if you have a 3x free spins multiplier and you win 100 coins during a free spin, your actual prize for that spin will be 300 coins (100 coins x 3).

Big Bass Secrets of the Golden Lake slot game free spin multiplier gameplay
Big Bass Secrets of the Golden Lake: 2x free spin multiplier gameplay.

Bonus Game Multipliers

Bonus game multipliers are features in slot machines that can increase your winnings during other bonus rounds. To access bonus game multipliers, you usually need to trigger a bonus round within the slot game.

Once you enter the bonus round, you might encounter these icons. These multipliers can come into play in different ways. For example, some bonus rounds allow you to take a chance with your current winnings for a chance to multiply them. Others have predefined multipliers that automatically apply to your bonus game winnings.

Scattered Multipliers

Scattered multipliers are a unique feature in some slot machines where scatter symbols serve a dual role, not only triggering bonus features like free spins but also acting as multipliers for your winnings.

Essentially, when they appear on the reels, they not only contribute to triggering bonus rounds (like free spins) but also multiply your winnings for that particular spin.

Win Multipliers

Win multipliers are a feature in some slot games that apply a multiplier to your total winnings at specific points in the game, often at the end of bonus rounds or free spins. They are applied to the total winnings you’ve accumulated up to that point.

Random Multipliers

Random multipliers work by applying multiplier values to your winnings as a random event during the game. Unlike fixed multipliers or increasing multipliers, you can’t predict when they will occur. You find these in games such as Colossal Cash Zone, The Hand of Midas and Gates of Olympus.

Increasing Multipliers

Increasing multipliers work by gradually increasing a multiplier value with each successful event or trigger. These triggers can be different depending on the game, but they often involve consecutive wins, free spins, or achieving certain milestones. These multipliers can vary from game to game, and game developers use them in creative ways to enhance the gaming experience.

You can find this in games such as Star Pirate’s Code, Rise of Giza PowerNudge and Starlight Princess.

rise of giza powernudge increasing multiplier slot gameplay
Rise of Giza PowerNudge: increasing multiplier shown top right corner.

Avalanche Multipliers

Avalanche multipliers, also known as cascade or tumble multipliers are one of the specific types of increasing multipliers, applying multipliers to consecutive wins within the same spin or round. Each time you win, the multiplier value increases, adding more substantial rewards as long as you keep winning in succession.

5 Lions Megaways increasing avalanche multiplier gameplay
5 Lions Megaways: increasing avalanche multiplier shown top left corner.

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Multipliers in slot machines add an extra layer of excitement and potential for larger winnings to your gaming experience. Understanding how they work and recognizing their various types can greatly enhance your gameplay. Keep an eye out for these multiplier symbols on our slot games at McLuck. May your slot adventures be filled with multiplied prizes and joy.



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