Coin Symbols in Online Slots

Slot games have evolved considerably over the years, and one of the exciting developments in online slots is the introduction of coin symbols. Unlike traditional symbols that require interpretation from a wintable, coin symbols have direct values assigned to them, offering players a clear and immediate reward.

In this guide, we’ll delve deeper into this type of symbol and other similar types and how they can influence your gameplay.

What are Coin Symbols?

Also known as money symbols in other forms of gaming, coin symbols are unique icons in online slot games that represent a direct value. Instead of the player referring to a wintable to determine the worth of a winning combination, the symbol itself displays its worth. When these symbols land on the reels, players instantly win the value they show.

Usually, these are attached to stacks of coins, banknotes, shimmering gold bars, or other game-related symbols.

Why are They So Popular?

The allure of prize symbols is straightforward: they offer direct, tangible rewards. There’s an added excitement in seeing a symbol that doesn’t just contribute to a line win but directly translates to rewards. It makes the outcome immediately clear, adding an extra layer of anticipation every time the reels spin.

Special Features Involving Coin Symbols

Hold and Win feature gameplay in the Gold Party slot game.
Hold and Win feature gameplay in the Gold Party slot game.

Many modern slot games utilize coin symbols to trigger additional features:

  • Hold and Win Feature: On landing a specific number of coin symbols, players get a chance to ‘hold’ these symbols and ‘re-spin’ the others. This feature provides an opportunity to accumulate more prize symbols, leading to bigger wins or even jackpots.  Some examples of slots with this coin respins include Gold Party, Bounty Gold and Amazing Money Machine.
  • Jackpot Rounds: Some slots initiate jackpot rounds when players collect a particular amount of prize symbols, presenting a chance to win huge prizes. Caishen’s Cash is one of the popular games with this feature.

Other Types of Slot Machine Prize Symbols

Queenie wheel feature gameplay triggering +4 wild symbols.
Queenie slot game wheel feature triggering +4 wild symbols.

Below are other common types of prize symbols:

  • Treasure Chests: Especially prevalent in pirate or adventure-themed slots, these chests can open up to show a bounty in the form of coin rewards.
  • Golden Tickets or Checks: Symbolizing sudden wealth, these can signify a predetermined prize win.
  • Wheels: Not strictly a static symbol, some slots include spinning wheels with segments indicating instant prizes. Wherever the wheel stops, that’s the player’s instant reward. Queenie is an example of slots with a wheel feature that comes with direct coin awards.
  • Boxes or Safes: A favorite in luxury or heist-themed slots, these secured containers might hide a prize bonanza waiting for the lucky player.

Wrapping Up

Prize symbols have become an integral part of the online slot experience, offering players direct rewards and adding an element of immediate gratification.

As the world of online slots continues to evolve, game developers are keen on integrating features that resonate with players, and prize symbols are a shining example. You too can be part of this fun experience when you play slots with prize symbols and other exciting innovations at McLuck!



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