Hold and Win Slots Guide

Hold and Win Slots Guide

Hold and Win slots have revolutionized the casino gaming landscape, blending traditional slot mechanics with innovative features that promise both thrill and reward. As one of the most sought-after slot variations, Hold and Win offers players an immersive experience, where every spin holds the potential for grand rewards.

But what exactly sets these slots apart? How do they elevate the gaming experience to new heights? 

In this informative guide, we explore Hold and Win slots, unraveling their allure, mechanics, and why they’ve become a favorite among slot enthusiasts worldwide!

What are Hold and Win Slots?

Hold and Win slots are a category of online slot games that offer a distinctive gameplay feature. They are not just regular slots where players spin to match symbols. Instead, they come with a special bonus round that sets them apart. Depending on the game developer, these slots can also be known by other names such as “Hold and Spin”, “Stick N Win”, or “Hold N Link”.

How the Hold and Win Feature Works

With this feature, players spin the reels, aiming to land a specific number of special symbols, often represented as coins or bonus icons. When the required number of these symbols appears in a single spin, the hold and win bonus round activates. 

In this round, the triggering symbols “hold” their positions, and the game awards a series of respins. During these respins, players aim to collect more of these special symbols, which also stick in place. 

The bonus round either concludes when all respin chances are used up without additional special symbols or when every reel position is filled with them. The total value of these symbols then determines the bonus prize, with some games offering extra rewards such as jackpots or multipliers.

Hold and Spin Free Slots

The Hold and Win mechanic has gained immense popularity. However, it’s worth noting that not all casinos offer games that incorporate it. The joy of potentially filling the reels with symbols and winning substantial prizes is what makes Hold and Win slots a top choice. Below are some of the Hold and Win games that are worth exploring!

Dragon Hot: Hold and Spin Slot

dragon hot hold and spin online slot by pragmatic play gameplay
Dragon Hot: Hold and Spin: slot game by Pragmatic Play.

In Dragon Hot: Hold and Spin, the feature is triggered by landing five coin symbols. Players are granted four respins to attempt to accumulate more coins. During this bonus round, only coin symbols and blank symbols appear on the reels, with coin symbols remaining sticky. Whenever a new coin lands, the respins reset to four and are depleted when no new coins are acquired. If all reel positions become filled with coins, the cumulative coin values are added to the win pot, initiating the Big Money Wheel Bonus with multipliers of up to 20,000x.

Royal Coins: Hold and Win Slot Free Play

royal coins hold and win slot by playson gameplay
Royal Coins: Hold and Spin: slot game by Playson.

Three bonus symbols trigger the feature and Royal Bonus feature within it. Initially, players receive three respins upon entering the bonus game. Throughout this phase, only bonus symbols and royal bonus symbols will appear on the reels. Every time a new symbol appears, it resets the respin count to three, allowing the bonus game to persist until all respins are used up. 

Additionally, players can look forward to the presence of three distinct in-game jackpots, which seamlessly integrate with the Royal Bonus feature for added excitement.

Ultra: Hold and Spin

ultra hold and spin slot by pragmatic play gameplay
Ultra: Hold and Spin: slot game by Pragmatic Play.

When three coins land on the middle reel, it triggers the Hold and Respin bonus feature. Once the feature initiates, the symbols on the middle reel are held in place, while those on the other reels fade away. The value of all coin symbols on the middle reel is added to the total win of the round. Initially, the feature starts with four respins. With each respin, any new coin symbols that land reset the respin count back to four, and the value of each symbol on the screen remains locked to the total win. During the respin round, a special diamond coin symbol may appear, and upon landing, it awards a random value ranging from 100x to 500x per spin.

Aztec Fire: Hold and Win Slot

aztec fire hold and win online slot by 3 oaks gameplay
Aztec Fire: Hold and Win: slot game by 3 Oaks.

Six or more fire meteors trigger the exciting Hold and Win Re-Spins feature, expanding the game board to a generous 5×8 size. The top four rows are initially locked, but you can ascend to the summit by gathering additional Meteors. As you climb, you’ll unveil concealed treasures, such as mini, minor, major, or grand jackpots, each offering prizes of 20x, 50x, 100x, and an astounding 1000x!

Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win

dragon pearls hold and win online slot by 3 oaks gameplay
Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win: slot game by 3 Oaks.

Land a minimum of 6 orange pearls to trigger an enhanced respins series for even more pearls. In this game, 3 Oaks has introduced an innovative respin mechanism that promises bigger rewards. 

A +1 respin, along with green and blue pearls, grace the board. The +1 respin symbol grants an extra spin, green pearls absorb values from orange ones, and the eagerly-awaited blue pearls collect values from EVERY pearl on the board. That’s not all – if you secure all 15 pearls you can claim the staggering 5,000x grand jackpot.

Why Play Hold and Spin Slots?

Hold and Win slots have surged in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. Beyond their sheer entertainment value, these slots stand out with their interactive gameplay. 

The Hold and Win feature not only offers players enhanced opportunities for larger rewards but also paves the path to potential jackpots. The presence of sticky symbols increases the chances for more lucrative combinations, and the bonus round is extended with the re-spins mechanism that activates every time a new symbol graces the reels. 

The blend of interaction and reward potential makes them a favorite among slot enthusiasts

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